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Sorry for the delayed post, had been wanting to post this up for quite some time but I couldn't find time to really sit down and blog! So.... I recently went on a Student leader x Community involvement program (cip) trip to Vietnam with some of my school's student leaders.
Really excited about the trip because we were gonna take the plane from Terminal 3!! Every time I take the airplane I would always be taking from Terminal 1 and now its Terminal 3! (yay!!!!!!)
Photos from the trip! 

Day 1 
with Shafiqa over at T3- waiting to check in our luggages!!

with the class- 2N1!

After checking in our luggages, we still had quite some time left (1 hour++ ) before we board the plane so me and Shafiqa decided to explore T3!

their beautiful butterfly garden! and I'm so proud of this shot (omg!!!!!) everything in the picture looks so pretty!
on the plane!

 We went to Cai Be which was the rural part of Vietnam first  before we headed back to Ho Chi Minh and spent the rest of the trip there. Going to Cai Be from the city by bus took a whole 3 hours! It was a really long and tiring ride I can say. 
Day 2- C.I.P DAY!

Day 3
Day 4- finally moved into the hotel and yay official shopping trip starts!!
funny names of their drinks

last day- on the plane back home! and yay to window seats!!

 It was actually my first trip going aboard with the school and my friends and I can say it is really an unforgettable one. I had so much fun throughout the whole trip (especially during the last few days- shopping!!!) and I'm glad I made so many new friends! '
it was a truly an amazing trip- new friendships forged, brand new memories created.

thank you guys for reading and I'll see you in my next post!
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