Sunday, December 1, 2013

hold tight its going to be hard to breathe

Outfit featuring; Top- H&M • Bottom- H&M • Blazer- Mum • Bag- Charles & Keith • Shoes- Bugis Street • Neck piece- H&M • Accessories- H&M // gift
Went to Marina Bay Sands yesterday hoping to look at Chanel's Little Black Jacket Exhibition but turned out to be a wasted trip instead. We had our dinner first thinking that the exhibition only closes on 7 itself but instead the last entry was at 6pm so we could not go in. Instead we decided to make use of the location and took some outfit shots instead! Guess we'll have to go back another time, meanwhile here are the photos!
I wanted an all black theme to suit the theme of the exhibition.
here i paired my mesh crop top with a leather skirt and then adding gold statement jewelry- my necklace and my bracelet to give the whole look a bit of color. Also added a blazer to give it a more masculine vibe.

                                                      2 of my most favorite shots!

back view shots of my outfit

And yes, i recently cut my hair because I was already getting bored of my long hair, and a total of 2 inches were cut off! I've got to admit I actually prefer my current hair now its way easier to manage than my long hair.

With my bestfriend, Angeline! 
(the lighting in the toilet was g so good, couldn't resist taking a shot!!)

Had Au Chocolat for dinner, it was my second time here and I've got to admit I really love their food and services! 
 I had the Au Chocolat because i was craving for something sweet instead of the savory.

Also ordered their cake to share!

went over to Suntec City afterwards to walk around!
me goofing around at the H&M outlet in Suntec city hehe

got to still say it was an amazing day spent with my best friend! :) 'thanks for reading guys and I'll see you in my next post. Meanwhile check out my instagram and follow me for my daily photo updates!!

 (& if you are reading this Angeline- please say yes to our date again on wednesday!!!)

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