Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017 Geylang Serai Bazaar

Geyland Serai Bazaar with the fam was so much fun, the food was just mediocre however the company definitely made up for its misses. It was all so much fun and I would definitely want to do this again, xx

Chanced upon a great photo location and had a few girls helped us take a photo!! :>

I didn't really buy much food because mostly the food there was really overpriced, and the portion was really small so I just bought some to try out with my friends!

The food I bought from the bazaar; 
"Healthy Acai" bowl for $6- it was actually an acai bowl, but in comparison to my hands, the right term would most probably be an acai cup. It was delicious and guilt-free, but however for the price of $6 I was definitely expecting something bigger and not something so small. I would rather have this at an outside Acai franchise where I can get it at $3 more ($9) for something that is 2-3 times bigger.

My friend then got this supposedly "Lava Macaroon" but however to my disappointment there was no lava and nothing flowed out, the only thing that was sandwiched in between the two macaroons was chocolate sauce. Even when we cut into it, nothing flowed out. It was a whooping $9.90 for this macaroon with ice cream. The macaroon was way too sweet but the ice cream was the saving grace as it was the only one which was not too sweet. It was a mix of coconut and taro flavor, and the two flavors really blended well together. Although the ice cream was pretty good, it was still too expensive to be paying so much for this overly sweet dessert.

The last thing I had that night was Thai Foam Green Milk tea! I actually wanted to try the Rainbow Tamago, however, the waiting time was close to an hour so I settled for this instead. It was priced at $4.50, for quite a big sized cup. This was pretty good and the tea taste was strong which is definitely a plus point, however it was also too sweet for me. :( I'm the type of person who would order a 0% sugar drink and still find it slightly sweet because I'm always so used to drinking tea without any sugar! But this is one of the best milk tea I have drank in the bazaar because the tea taste is stronger and more authentic. This was definitely worth it! :) 

After walking one round of the bazaar, we filled our stomachs and decided to walk to one of my friend's house. He lived in Joochiat which is approximately a 15-20 mins walk from the bazaar, it was such a spontaneous event and we all decided to go with it. We then spent the rest of the night at my friend's house and played a few rounds of burning bridges before leaving and going home. 

Photos with Aderes, sigh Sahrah I wish you took the photo with us instead of taking it for us :/ 
Love you Sahrah ♥♥♥

Overall, it was a really fun night and I wish we'll do this more often. Thank you guys for the great night xx 

before we knew, time had already passed us by

How time passes, I've been on such a long hiatus and in the blink of an eye it has already been close to 1 year and 6 months since I last posted a blog post. In fact, December 2015 was the last time i actually blogged :')
I wish I could say that I was busy with school work and didn't had any time to blog but in fact I actually had a whole lot of time but yet I was just really enjoying life and was always too lazy to blog, but I guess now its time to get my blogging game on once more and I'm determined to do so!

Throughout this past 1 year and 6 months, there were indeed many ups as much as downs that I've faced.

2016- The New Year
The first three months of 2016 was indeed challenging for everyone in my family, there were many things that happened throughout the duration of the three months. My maternal grandfather got really sick suddenly and he passed on around early March, the whole family was just so down and depressed. My grandfather's sudden passing on also reminded me once again of my grand mother which passed on in 2015. It just raked up many memories and it once again reminded me the importance of cherishing the people around you and how one should never live in regret; as a quote suggests- "Don't ever regret the things you did, instead regret the things you didn't do and should have done."

I've also entered poly with a Diploma in Experience and Product Design in April 2016, and it was definitely tough trying to keep up with the school work and curriculum. Design school definitely had a lot of projects and submissions, but thankfully there were no examinations or written tests for design school. (I guess I'll be posting some of my projects here on this space, so do keep a look out! :-) )

At the start, school wasn't really the thing for me because I did not have much interest in my course and plus I was really confused at all the software and assignments. Thus I lost all motivation to do well in my course, and there was always no effort put into my submissions. I scored really badly in Year 1; semester 1, because of my lack of willpower and determination to do well. I had a really bad GPA and it is something that I still regret up until now, I had regretted not putting in effort and for always playing around in Year 1 semester 1.

However, I'm indeed really grateful for my Year 1 teacher for always not giving up on me and for always pushing and guiding me along the way. He really tried his very best to help me whenever possible, and along the way I managed to find new friends as well. My new clique of friends were very helpful and patient, there were a lot of things that I did not managed to master in Semester 1 and they were all very patient in helping me even though I am always lost and confused. I am thankful for so many things and for so many people, I'm so very thankful for my previous clique of friends as well, for staying with me and for always making the time in Poly worth the while.

Shout out to this guys for having my back always, xx 

 we can never take proper photos together :') but i love you guys hehe 

& wow squad goals asf? #dreamteam

It has indeed been a year full of ups and downs but I'm glad and thankful for the people that were with me on this ride. There were definitely a lot more events that happened in 2016; so do keep a lookout for my next upcoming post!! :)

Thursday, December 31, 2015

December outfits

I've spent most of my December working and these were the few days which I had off and had spent it with a few of my closest friends! :-) 

Staycation at RWS- Hotel Michael 
December 14-16 

First day- December 14
Top: Bangkok • shorts: Factorie
Day 2- December 15: USS day!

What to do you when you wake up in the morning and still have spare time? You take some Instagram worthy shots! 😉

with Mei and Mel!! ❤️🤗

Spotted my primary school Friend when I was there! Thank you for saying hi to me first!!! 🤗🤗❤️ 
Hahaha I didn't notice her at first but she was like " ALANIS ALANIS!!" HEHEHE 💕

Dress- Online • shoes- online •

19 December- flea!

20 December- flea day 2!

Shoutout to my primary school Friend in the middle who spent $50 on pizza just to fill our tummies! So thankful to have your support!! ❤️❤️ hang out soon 🤗🤗

Aww my Friend came down to support and even bought stuff from me!! 

two of my closest friends 💕🤗 
Giraffe on my left and wild monkey pretending to be reindeer on my right 

26 December- day out with the boy! ❤️

Thank you for being such an amazing photographer 💕 

Top: factorie • skirt: factorie • bag- river island 

Closing off 2015 without you.

It feels so different tonight- actually coming home to nothing. Nobody was at home when I went home, there was no excitement no anticipation towards the new year. It felt lonely and cold without your presence. I would have been fine with you nagging and asking why I have yet to eat and then you saying how time has passed so quickly. At least you were home last year to start the new year with me. But as they always said home is where the heart is and I know you'll always be there for me like a shelter, like a protective shield somewhere out there, I've learnt to let go. Once again not fully not thoroughly but slowly. 
I have no idea how many thousand times I've said this in my head but I miss you. I miss you for as long as I can say I miss you. 

Happy New year Grandmother, 💕

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Everything reminded me of you, again. Like how I saw a little boy with his grandmother boarding the bus this morning and carrying his school bag for him. I was reminded of you again and I couldn't help but tear up a little, this is how badly I've missed you. Another day; another day of finding fond memories. 

I hope you're still well, and I hope you know that I'm truly missing you.

Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm missing you again

It will never be the same without you, my head hurts and heart aches everytime I think of you and I'll start crying again. every year- this month our family will be eating glutinous rice balls (tangyuan) as a tradition cooked by you but it'll never be the same again from this year onwards, I miss you and I miss how you're not here with us anymore. I want us to eat the tangyuan soup cooked by you together. I want you to be the one scooping the soup for me this year again. I want you to be there with us again another year, but you're gone.

And I still miss you. #2

Friday, November 20, 2015

and I'll still miss you

it has already been more than a month, I hope you're doing fine. Without your presence there's still loneliness and emptiness at home which will never ever be filled. I miss everything about you, I miss your cooking, I miss your constant naggings and I miss your presence. How I wished I had given you more hugs and many more kisses. I still miss you and I would never fail to get all emotional every time I look back at the photos I took during the difficult period at the hospital. I could have showered you with more love and more concern, and I could have given you more attention. But I didn't and I wished I had. I miss you, and I miss the times you would always buy me LlaoLlao for lunch and we would always share red bean with porridge at Kopitiam even though I was already so full. You never failed to ensure that I have taken my fill and taken all my three meals because you know I'll always skip 1 or 2 meals on certain days especially during my mugging period. I wished I never made you worried about my meals then and I should have let you have a peace of mind instead. 
I miss the times we had together, the times we spent together. I missed the times we I was younger and you would always push me in a stroller with a clear transparent plastic covering over the stroller when it was raining; making sure I do not get drenched and instead it was you who came back from the market wet and drenched. Having to hold an umbrella, carry numerous bags of groceries and having to push the stroller. I was safe and sound under the covers.
I missed the times when I was in primary school and you would never fail to bring me to school everyday. Walking me to school and helping to carry my heavy bagpack full of books. All I had to do was walk and you were the one carrying the bag full of books for me. You were there for me ensuring I get to school safely.
 The school shifted to an inconvenient location and taking a school bus was necessary, and on certain days when I don't make it on time for the bus; I start getting worried and panicky. And you were there; you assured me that I'll get to school in time you brought me there yourself taking the bus all the way to Jurong east area which at that time seemed foreign as if it was a whole new world. I got there safely and you had to take the bus back home, alone.
I miss even the littlest things you've done for me; I miss you peeling fish, I miss you peeling the skin of grapes and letting me eat the flesh while you eat the skin of the grapes, I miss you helping me to take out the skin of my favourite red bean pau as you know I dislike the hard skin.
I became more independent as the years gone by, I needed less of you and I relied on myself more. I didn't need you to help me peel the fish off fish bones for you were afraid I would choke for I've became more careful; you didn't had to help me take off the skin of the grapes like you used to for I've became less fussy. 
 But you were always there for me, you were always there for the family. Always ensuring that we would always get sufficient food and we would always have something to eat when we come back home. It was never easy to cook, but you cooked everyday without fail. 
I've nurtured so much and grew so much under your pampering and care; 
you will always be irreplaceable  
And I will still miss you for everything you've done.  I still miss you for you

I still feel emotional about the places we've been to together and there will always be something gloomy about the hospital we frequented together.

& When will I ever get over the fact that I've already lost someone important and that you're no longer here with me?