Thursday, December 31, 2015

December outfits

I've spent most of my December working and these were the few days which I had off and had spent it with a few of my closest friends! :-) 

Staycation at RWS- Hotel Michael 
December 14-16 

First day- December 14
Top: Bangkok • shorts: Factorie
Day 2- December 15: USS day!

What to do you when you wake up in the morning and still have spare time? You take some Instagram worthy shots! 😉

with Mei and Mel!! ❤️🤗

Spotted my primary school Friend when I was there! Thank you for saying hi to me first!!! 🤗🤗❤️ 
Hahaha I didn't notice her at first but she was like " ALANIS ALANIS!!" HEHEHE 💕

Dress- Online • shoes- online •

19 December- flea!

20 December- flea day 2!

Shoutout to my primary school Friend in the middle who spent $50 on pizza just to fill our tummies! So thankful to have your support!! ❤️❤️ hang out soon 🤗🤗

Aww my Friend came down to support and even bought stuff from me!! 

two of my closest friends 💕🤗 
Giraffe on my left and wild monkey pretending to be reindeer on my right 

26 December- day out with the boy! ❤️

Thank you for being such an amazing photographer 💕 

Top: factorie • skirt: factorie • bag- river island 

Closing off 2015 without you.

It feels so different tonight- actually coming home to nothing. Nobody was at home when I went home, there was no excitement no anticipation towards the new year. It felt lonely and cold without your presence. I would have been fine with you nagging and asking why I have yet to eat and then you saying how time has passed so quickly. At least you were home last year to start the new year with me. But as they always said home is where the heart is and I know you'll always be there for me like a shelter, like a protective shield somewhere out there, I've learnt to let go. Once again not fully not thoroughly but slowly. 
I have no idea how many thousand times I've said this in my head but I miss you. I miss you for as long as I can say I miss you. 

Happy New year Grandmother, 💕

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Everything reminded me of you, again. Like how I saw a little boy with his grandmother boarding the bus this morning and carrying his school bag for him. I was reminded of you again and I couldn't help but tear up a little, this is how badly I've missed you. Another day; another day of finding fond memories. 

I hope you're still well, and I hope you know that I'm truly missing you.

Monday, December 21, 2015

I'm missing you again

It will never be the same without you, my head hurts and heart aches everytime I think of you and I'll start crying again. every year- this month our family will be eating glutinous rice balls (tangyuan) as a tradition cooked by you but it'll never be the same again from this year onwards, I miss you and I miss how you're not here with us anymore. I want us to eat the tangyuan soup cooked by you together. I want you to be the one scooping the soup for me this year again. I want you to be there with us again another year, but you're gone.

And I still miss you. #2