Saturday, December 14, 2013

I still believe in miracles

OUTFIT FEATURING: Top (underneath)- Editor's market • Top- Uniqlo • Skirt- H&M • Necklace- H&M • Shoes- City Plaza

went shopping with my god mom at Orchard and literally everywhere in ION was having sales!!!
I've never been to Town for a good ol' 2 months already, and there are already so many changes. The new underground link has made walking even more convenient, and yay even more new places to take outfit shots now!

my godmom got me this dress from Pull & Bear it was on sales for $39.90 U.P was $59.90, yay good deals!! Gonna wear it for her wedding ceremony and dinner hehe with a blazer over it
Pull and Bear always sells clothes ranging from $49.90-$69.90 so its always best to get their clothes when they are having sales! I got one pullover there for $59.90 before and afterwards it was selling at $29.90 sigh :(
(excuse the messy background hahahaha)

then went to visit mum at her workplace in DFS!

had Paris Baguette for dessert, while we wait for my mum to knock off from work- their food wasn't too bad but it wasn't too good either!

to sum it all up, it was a really fun day out. Really love impromptu outings like this especially when we are going out shopping! hehehe thanks for reading guys, i'll see you all in my next post! 

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