Wednesday, October 30, 2013

on a sunday afternoon

Dress- Bugis street • Cardigan- Mum's • Shoes- Bugis street • Bag- New Look

Lunch with my Mother's side (because it was my grandfather's birthday!) at a restaurant located in Amoy street, known as Beng Hiang restaurant. It is a pretty long-established restaurant and it serves traditional and authentic Hokkien dishes.
The price of the dishes there are on the higher range and the total billing for the whole family was $1.1k, but I've gotta admit the food there was really good!
More photos from that day:
exterior of the restaurant; signboard 

restaurant's interior, really love the traditional feel to it!

                      mum's family, we occupied up to 4 tables from the restaurant! 

Coincidental checkered outfits with the brother and cousin! 

So, this pretty much sums up my Sunday afternoon with the family! Sorry if I have been really lacking in my blog posts these few days as I'm quite occupied with school activities and school competitions. I'm participating in a NEA fashion design competition and have been busy preparing for it these past few days, I can't wait to show you guys and blog about it soon once it is over! Do stay tune for more blog posts and thanks for reading guys, I'll see you in my next post soon!! 

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