Thursday, October 10, 2013

On a lazy Wednesday

Outerwear- Cotton On • Top- H&M • Bottom- Bangkok • Shoes- blogshop • Bag- Bangkok •

//mini haul

Went shopping with my best friend and i got a few items-not much but here are the stuffs that I got from IMM and JEM shopping mall.

I got the baby doll Cotton On dress (on the left) from their sales rack. It was selling at $24.95 and I got it at only $10!! the material is really comfortable and nice and it had dainty speckled details- which I really liked!! It was definitely a steal!

I also also got this really cute cat printed dress from H&M for only $24.90 and it really fits me. I might be getting a MOTO leather jacket soon and then I'll pair it with this and a pair of black wedges or statement boots, oh I just can't wait to actually style it!!


And I also got this pair of 6" wedges from H&M! H&M was having sales and some of their sales items are actually priced at $10-$50!!! What really caught my eye was this pair of nude wedges, both my best friend and I were freaking out when we saw it. The usual price was actually $69.90 and I got it at the discounted price $40! It would be much of a challenge to actually wear and walk in it, but why not? Not everyone gets an opportunity to walk in a 6" wedges and besides it was on sales! I'm most probably gonna wear those wedges when I attend FiDé fashion show Day 8! I'm super excited for FiDé Fashion show Day 8 which is in exactly 8 more days!!! 

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in my next post! xx

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