Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017 Geylang Serai Bazaar

Geyland Serai Bazaar with the fam was so much fun, the food was just mediocre however the company definitely made up for its misses. It was all so much fun and I would definitely want to do this again, xx

Chanced upon a great photo location and had a few girls helped us take a photo!! :>

I didn't really buy much food because mostly the food there was really overpriced, and the portion was really small so I just bought some to try out with my friends!

The food I bought from the bazaar; 
"Healthy Acai" bowl for $6- it was actually an acai bowl, but in comparison to my hands, the right term would most probably be an acai cup. It was delicious and guilt-free, but however for the price of $6 I was definitely expecting something bigger and not something so small. I would rather have this at an outside Acai franchise where I can get it at $3 more ($9) for something that is 2-3 times bigger.

My friend then got this supposedly "Lava Macaroon" but however to my disappointment there was no lava and nothing flowed out, the only thing that was sandwiched in between the two macaroons was chocolate sauce. Even when we cut into it, nothing flowed out. It was a whooping $9.90 for this macaroon with ice cream. The macaroon was way too sweet but the ice cream was the saving grace as it was the only one which was not too sweet. It was a mix of coconut and taro flavor, and the two flavors really blended well together. Although the ice cream was pretty good, it was still too expensive to be paying so much for this overly sweet dessert.

The last thing I had that night was Thai Foam Green Milk tea! I actually wanted to try the Rainbow Tamago, however, the waiting time was close to an hour so I settled for this instead. It was priced at $4.50, for quite a big sized cup. This was pretty good and the tea taste was strong which is definitely a plus point, however it was also too sweet for me. :( I'm the type of person who would order a 0% sugar drink and still find it slightly sweet because I'm always so used to drinking tea without any sugar! But this is one of the best milk tea I have drank in the bazaar because the tea taste is stronger and more authentic. This was definitely worth it! :) 

After walking one round of the bazaar, we filled our stomachs and decided to walk to one of my friend's house. He lived in Joochiat which is approximately a 15-20 mins walk from the bazaar, it was such a spontaneous event and we all decided to go with it. We then spent the rest of the night at my friend's house and played a few rounds of burning bridges before leaving and going home. 

Photos with Aderes, sigh Sahrah I wish you took the photo with us instead of taking it for us :/ 
Love you Sahrah ♥♥♥

Overall, it was a really fun night and I wish we'll do this more often. Thank you guys for the great night xx 

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