Thursday, December 31, 2015

December outfits

I've spent most of my December working and these were the few days which I had off and had spent it with a few of my closest friends! :-) 

Staycation at RWS- Hotel Michael 
December 14-16 

First day- December 14
Top: Bangkok • shorts: Factorie
Day 2- December 15: USS day!

What to do you when you wake up in the morning and still have spare time? You take some Instagram worthy shots! 😉

with Mei and Mel!! ❤️🤗

Spotted my primary school Friend when I was there! Thank you for saying hi to me first!!! 🤗🤗❤️ 
Hahaha I didn't notice her at first but she was like " ALANIS ALANIS!!" HEHEHE 💕

Dress- Online • shoes- online •

19 December- flea!

20 December- flea day 2!

Shoutout to my primary school Friend in the middle who spent $50 on pizza just to fill our tummies! So thankful to have your support!! ❤️❤️ hang out soon 🤗🤗

Aww my Friend came down to support and even bought stuff from me!! 

two of my closest friends 💕🤗 
Giraffe on my left and wild monkey pretending to be reindeer on my right 

26 December- day out with the boy! ❤️

Thank you for being such an amazing photographer 💕 

Top: factorie • skirt: factorie • bag- river island 

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