Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I still stay cause you're the only thing I know

Top- H&M / Accessories- H&M / Skirt- New Look / Shoes- Online / Socks- Topshop

I've bet you guys already had guessed it- I'm in love with H&M!! The clothes they have in stores are always so affordable and pleasant-looking, so are their accessories! 

//Went out with my a few of my friends today and then headed to Town to meet mom for dinner! Sigh flying off to KL in just 2 more days and I have yet to finish packing- I'm still unsure of what to wear for my relative's wedding dinner there in KL as the heels I ordered still has yet to arrive, sigh :( 

Michelle and I! (u do not look like choco here ok tay hui hui)


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