Friday, March 21, 2014

make them dance just like you

Lookbook featuring: Top- Topshop • Shorts- HollyHoque • Shoes- H&M • Bag- Bangkok • Necklace- Topshop • Armcandy- Cotton On// Scape


 I've been super busy these few days and never really got a day off from school work and activities. A week of school holidays? I'm pretty sure its just a one day break for me- but it's alright I guess I've got to start getting adapted to the hectic lifestyle since Sec 4 and O's is just next year and I'm pretty sure its gonna get way busier than how it is now.
//Anyway, I went to two art museums today (SAM & SAM 8Q) with the art students in my school and I've got to admit no matter how many times I go to museums; the artworks there always never fail to amaze me. Afterwards, my friends and I made a trip down to town area and had dinner with some shopping done. I didn't really get much items but the only purchase I made was for a HUF inspired snap back. I've always wanted a snap back for the longest time but I've always been hesitating and considering but this time I've decided to just go for it since there was also sales for it.

 " what would you like to unearth?"

 It was a fruitful day spent & and I cant wait style my snapback soon! xoxo
Thanks for reading and i'll see you in my next post soon!


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