Wednesday, November 6, 2013

collective haul!

So, I went shopping recently and I purchased some new items as well as received some gifts from my loved ones and I'm really excited to show you guys!!! :-) So let's get started with the haul!

The items I got are from Factorie- A shop selling affordable and casual wear in Suntec City Singapore. Factorie was only available in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa previously and it has made its way down to Singapore! 
I got this horoscope x tie dye phone case in the sales section and everything there was 50% off! Usual price of this casing was $7 and I got it for only $3.50!
really love how its so colourful and vibrant!

 Second item I got there was this botanical printed bottoms, I really adore the prints and it was only $24.95!!

                                             love the pretty hemline details!!

Got this speckled Maroon slouchy Cardigan, and I thought it would look really nice with the botanical printed bottoms and a white basic top together! It was also $24.95!

I got this two item at the 2 for $50 sales section and I thought they matched really well together! 
Mixing two prints together in an outfit- Polka dot and daisies! 
TIP: When trying to mix prints together, making sure the two prints have the same colour tone or having one neutral tone in an outfit can make mixing prints easy!

My mom also bought me this bag from Charles & Keith in JEM and it was $69.90. (in case you are ever reading this mummy, i would like to say thank you again!!!)

The next few items were bought at the H&M outlet in JEM or in Suntec!

My mom also got me this leather jacket- something that I had wanted for the longest time!! Was super happy and thankful when she bought it for me, (thank you once again! <3) & it was $79.90!

Got this leather studded skirt from the one in JEM because Suntec did not had this in stores but had the plain blac one instead, I did not want to spend the same amount of money on just a plain black one without any studs. So, I made an additional trip down to JEM and got this at $49.90!!

Next, I got this mesh top with a bustier type neckline! I thought it goes really well with the leather skirt as it is a really great way to dress all black and play around with the textures! Plus it's really affordable- $17.09!!

I also got this gold coloured statement necklace to accessorize with the mesh and leather outfit. I got it for $17.90, it was a little pricey for a necklace though but I gotta admit I really liked how structured it looked! 
(did i mentioned i have a fetish for structured things?)

I also got this cat swing skirt for $24.95 and I really like how it fits on my waist and how the cloth is so soft it feels like I'm wearing my sleeping wear! And the prints on the skirt are super cute and adorable!!!

                           The last item I got from H&M is this pack of 3 Bart Simpsons iron on badges!                        It's really cute and for these 3 badges it was only $5.90!

The next remaining items were not bought but they were given to me so I thought I should just feature it here too!

My mom gave me one of her new LV cross-body bag and I really like the structured feel of it!   

 My godmother actually went to London and she got for me another bag while she was there and she knows I like the union jack and got it in this print for me!! (thank you so much godmom!!)

 The book was given to me by my sister and the calendar was given to me by my teacher!
They know I really like Fashion and anything related to fashion and they got me these!!! (thank you Angelina and Miss felicia if you are reading this!!) 
 right; book titled "100 NEW FASHION DESIGNERS" , left; calendar with photographs of various handbags

 a peek into the book

I'm finally done with my haul, and I hoped you enjoyed reading this short haul post! :)

Sigh, I've been so busy this entire week and I bet I'm going to be so again the following week until my competion + competion preparation is over. I might have to M.I.A for quite some time before I get back to serious blogging and photoshoots! 
& I will be styling the pieces featured here soon in my future outfit of the days, so stay tuned! xoxo

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